Mock Draft

Apr 13, 2019

Keep in mind that the picks below are based on who I think each team SHOULD take (not who I think they WILL take) based on a combination of best players available and team needs:

1. Arizona Cardinals - Quinnen Williams, DT – Most likely the Cardinals trade away Josh Rosen and then select Kyler Murray at #1. I don’t mind the decision at all, as he’s by far the best quarterback in the draft and the only QB I feel will be a franchise QB for the next decade. But is it too early to give up on Rosen and do you really want to spend a valuable #1 pick when there are so many needs on this team? I’d lock up the best player in the draft and a proven monster DT like Quinnen Williams and know you have a stud in the middle of the defense for the next decade to take on double teams, swallow up running backs, and put pressure on the opposing QB. Williams can do it all.

2. San Francisco 49ers – Nick Bosa, DE – 2nd best player in the draft and could easily argue that he’s the top prospect. Elite pass rushers are hard to find and it’s a need for the 49ers. No brainer to take Bosa here and bolster that defensive end position and get pressure on the quarterback. He’s good for double digit sacks each year.

3. New York Jets – Josh Allen, OLB – Again, take the best player on the board and add it as a bonus that it fills a need. Josh Allen has Khalil Mack upside and should be a gamechanger. Don’t get cute. Just take the stud.

4. Oakland Raiders – Clelin Ferrell, DE – I know some would argue that Ferrell is not a top 5 pick, but I believe he is elite. He’s doesn’t have elite athleticism, but he explodes out of the snap, hugs turns well, moves well laterally, has excellent hands, sets the edge well and can anchor down and stuff the run or use his amazing pass rushing technique to get to the quarterback.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Josh Jacobs, RB – Look, I’m aware of the rule that says you don’t take running backs in the early first round and certainly not in the top 5. But Jacobs has elite upside with his rare combination of size, acceleration/burst, physicality and vision. He’s got the power and the elusiveness to be a scary playmaker. He’s Alvin Kamara with size and strength. Who cares about the “rules”?.

6. New York Giants – Kyler Murray, QB – This most likely will never happen and Murray won’t fall this far, but this would be the ideal situation for the Giants. Eli Manning sucks and he’s getting old. Giants need a franchise QB and one that can move around and dodge pressure. Murray has the arm, accuracy, intelligence and passion that you look for. He’s Russell Wilson, but faster. Sign me up.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars – Cody Ford, T/G – The jaguars signed Nick Foles and the defense is still good. Biggest need for them is tackle and Cody Ford is the perfect pick for them. I know the consensus pick coming from most “experts” is that the Jaguars want local Florida kid Jawaan Taylor, but Cody Ford is bigger, quicker, lighter on his feet, and has that mean and nasty edge you like to see. Jawaan Taylor has nice upside, but right now he’s inconsistent as a pass blocker, gets sloppy at times, misses assignments and gets beat a bit too often for my liking. I’d rather take the tried and proven guy in Cody Ford.

8. Detroit Lions – Dalton Risner, G/T – The lions need a right guard in the worst way and Risner is a top 10 talent and the most true guard you could want. He’s a mean and nasty mauler with the ability to plow defenders out of the way and put them on their back in the run game. While his footwork isn’t great enough to play tackle, it’s more than adequate for pass protection. I wouldn’t think about this too long if I’m the Lions and just want to lock up the best guard in the draft and fill the biggest need for a decade.
9. Buffalo Bills – TJ Hockenson, TE – Josh Allen needs playmakers and a tight end in the worst way. Go take Hockenson and fill a huge need with a playmaking receiving threat. Hockenson is also an excellent blocker, so there’s not much to dislike.

10. Denver Broncos – Devin Bush, ILB – Inside linebacker fills a huge need for Denver and Bush is the best inside linebacker by far. I know most would argue Devin White is the top guy, but White is raw and needs a lot of work. White also lacks instinct and seems to be out of position pretty often and lacks good hands and ability to shed blocks. Bush can do it all, has the same speed as White, with all of his other measurables coming in higher than White as well. Why not take the guy who is more athletic with better instincts and much better game film?

11. Cincinnati Bengals – Andre Dillard, T – Dillard is the best tackle on the board at this point and also fills a void that the Bengals desperately need to address. Dillard’s speed and feet are excellent and he’s the best pass blocker in the draft. Bengals need someone they can rely on at right tackle for the passing game. While he’s not an elite run blocker, he’s certainly more than qualified.

12. Green Bay Packers – Chauncey Gardner-Johnson – Here’s another perfect fit based on needs and talent. The packers are hurting at safety and CGJ is the best safety in the league. He’s a true ballhawk and playmaker with the ability to line up as an outside corner or in the slot or blitz from and direction. Easy pick for the Packers here.

13. Miami Dolphins – Montez Sweat, DE – What kind of defensive end runs a 4.4 forty time? His athleticism is ridiculous. He needs to be more consistent with his lateral mobility and hugging turns, but he has elite upside and on the plays he puts it all together, he looks like a true All-Pro.

14. Atlanta Falcons – Brian Burns, DE – Burns is a bit smaller, but he explodes off the snap and has excellent bend and flexibility, with a nice spin and swim move. He’s a pure pass rusher and just has to get more consistent at anchoring and shedding blocks.

15. Washington Redskins – Dwayne Haskins, QB – I’m not a big Haskins guy, but at this point of the drat, a lot of the true elite and guaranteed talent is off the board and the Redskins need a quarterback in the worst possible way. I think Haskins will struggle, especially with the subpar blocking and lack of playmakers, but it makes sense for the Redskins to take the risk. If they get some linemen to block and a playmaker as well, then he could succeed.

16. Carolina Panthers – Ed Oliver, DT – The Panthers biggest need is offensive line help, however with no studs left at the position at this point, you have to lock up best player available in Ed Oliver. This kid is freaky athletic, quick, plays with excellent pad level and a high motor. While still somewhat raw, the sky is the limit with his upside.

17. New York Giants – Byron Murphy – CB – Giants have lots of needs and with an extra 1st rounder for OB+J, they may as well take the best player left and it fills a need at cornerback. Murphy has everything you want from a corner besides blazing speed. He can still keep up though, and his burst, hips, instincts and flexibility are top notch. He’s a reliable starter and that’s what they need.

18. Minnesota Vikings – Jonah Williams, T – The Vikings need offensive line help badly. It’s the obvious glaring hole on this team and they must do whatever they can to take some offensive linemen. Jonah Williams fits what they’re trying to do as a pass protector first and he will be an instant starter and upgrade over their current guys.

19. Tennessee Titans – DK Metcalf, WR – Corey Davis continues to develop, but beyond him, there’s nobody to throw the ball to that can be trusted. Metcalf, while raw and posing injury concerns, a limited route tree, and a bit tight in the hips, has elite upside with his size and speed combination.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers – AJ Brown, WR – Do Steelers fans a favorite and make this guy #84 and let them keep their current jerseys and be relevant (if they haven’t burned the jerseys already). AJ Brown has great speed, excellent hands, is one of the best route runners in this draft, and he’s a playmaker. The Steelers can let JuJu run on the outside and use Brown in the slot and let him make his tough catches over the middle. It’s a great combination and will leave Big Ben with a couple great targets.

21. Seattle Seahawks – Hakeem Butler, WR – Doug Baldwin won’t be around too much longer and has been battling injuries. Butler provides Russell Wilson with a huge 6’5” WR who can win 1v1 matchups and jump balls. He’s got elite upside and I believe he can become more consistent with his hands with some good coaching.

22. Baltimore Ravens – N’Keal Harry, WR – If Butler is off the board, I believe the Ravens take one of the safest receivers they can in Harry. The Ravens are scared to take a guy with anything short of sure hands, and Harry has great hands. His speed isn’t elite but it’s solid. He’s got great size and he’s physical and can make plays. He’s also a great blocker, which is a must for the run-first offense they will be running the next few years.

23. Houston Texans – Jawaan Taylor, T – Texans are another team in desperate need of offensive line help and they will take the best linemen on the board. Jawaan is a bit raw, but he’s got the tools and upside to be a great tackle if he develops.

24. Oakland Raiders – Marquise Brown, WR – Raiders always fall in love with the speedsters and home run hitters and how perfect would it be to pair Antonio Brown up with his cousin? Derek Carr would be licking his chops if he gets Brown&Brown to work with this year. A DeSean Jackson clone, this offense would be scary.

25. Philadelphia Eagles –- Devin White, ILB – I have my concerns with Devin White, as he’s just raw, lacks instincts, misses tackles, and doesn’t seem to find the ball well. He does have elite athleticism and potential, so I think the Eagles would scoop him up in a heartbeat with their need at linebacker.

26. Indianapolis Colts – Greedy Williams, CB – Colts need cornerback help and they could get one of the best corners in the draft. Williams has elite speed, is physical in coverage, explodes into his backpedal, and has the ability to keep up with any receiver. Colts will be happy to land Williams.

27. Oakland Raiders – Dre’Mont Jones, DE - Oakland needs major help at defensive end to generate some pass rush. They might reach a bit and just take the best available defensive end, and that’s Dre’Mont Jones. He’s explosive, with light feet and excellent hands. He’s got a high motor and great lateral agility to go along with a scary spin move. He could generate a good bit of pressure on the quarterback.

28. San Diego Chargers – Dexter Lawrence, DT – San Diego needs a replacement for Mebane, who is now 35 years old and doesn’t have much left in the tank. Lawrence is the perfect fit with his huge size and anchoring ability in the middle.

29. Kansas City Chiefs – Christian Wilkins, DT – The Chiefs must improve on their run defense and Wilkins is a well-rounded defensive tackle who will be a major upgrade to their roster. Chiefs just need to load up on defensive players in this draft and Wilkins is a great start.

30. Green Bay Packers – Noah Fant, TE – Jimmy Graham wasn’t exactly impressive last year and A-Rod could use some more playmakers. Fant is athletic, fast and can make plays downfield. His blocking is inconsistent, but let’s face it, the Packers are always passing.

31. Los Angeles Rams – Chris Lindstrom, G - One of Rams biggest needs is an interior offensive linemen. Lindstrom is the best guy on the board here and the Rams will be ecstatic to bring in this talented and productive guard.

32. New England Patriots – Andy Isabella, WR -This might be a bit too early for Isabella, but could you find a more perfect fit? Isabella went to UMass and is a better and faster version of Julian Edelman. He ran a ridiculous 4.3 forty time and the tape confirms his speed. He also has excellent burst and release, runs excellent routes, and is elusive in the open field. He would be scary to pair with Edelman. What makes Isabella so dangerous, is that he can also take the top off a defense and get behind safeties. Watch out for the Pats if they scoop this kid up.