Ravens 2019 Draft Grades

Apr 27, 2019

1st Round:

#25 – Marquise Brown, WR – B+

I love the fact that the Ravens traded down from 22 to 25 and received a 4th round and 6th round and still land the player they wanted, so I’m bumping the grade up a bit for acquiring extra picks here. Hollywood Brown is DeSean Jackson 2.0. He has blazing speed that can take the top off of the defense and will stretch the defense at all times, as they have to account for his playmaking abilities. I love the fact that the Ravens are all-in on Lamar Jackson taking the next step this season and are counting on him being able to deliver the deep ball to Brown in stride and improve on his accuracy woes from his rookie season. Brown is a special talent and he will get behind the defense pretty routinely. If Lamar does in fact improve his mechanics and is able to hit the deep ball consistently, then this Ravens team will be scary and Brown will be well worth the 25th pick. If Jackson struggles to deliver the deep ball, Brown will basically be useless on this offense because he can’t block, he doesn’t run hitches and catch balls in traffic, and won’t win jump balls. The safer pick would’ve been to take the best available lineman in Cody Ford and plug him in at left guard to dominate in the run game and be a solid pass blocker as well. . But again, I love the all-in gamble on Jackson improving and the potential is through the roof if things click.

3rd Round:

#85 – Jaylon Ferguson, DE, - B+

The ravens desperately needed to address the losses of Suggs and Smith in the offseason and find a pass rusher who could get pressure on the quarterback. Ferguson was extremely productive this season, leading the nation in total sacks and beating out Josh Allen by half a sack at 17.5 sacks on the year. Most of these sacks got racked up against weak competition, however he showed some nice flashes and logged 3 sacks total between LSU and Mississippi State. He has good size, a nice burst, and uses his hands well at times, although is inconsistent with his hands. He has tight hips and struggles with lateral mobility. He also seems to take play off at times. He certainly flashed some nice plays on tape and gives reason to get excited and see the potential. He’s not super athletic, so I don’t see him having pro bowl potential, but he could be an effective edge defender in the NFL.

#93 – Miles Boykin, WR – C

No need to trade up and give away two 6th round picks to get Boykin here. I like Hakeem Butler a ton more than Boykin in this spot. The upside of Butler is vastly greater than the upside of Boykin. While Boykin’s 40 times is outstanding, his game film doesn’t show that speed. His acceleration is that of a tight end and he struggles to get separation. I just don’t see Boykin making an impact in the NFL on this Ravens offense. He does have a big frame and good hands, so there is some potential there to fill the X role.

4th Round:

#113 – Justice Hill, RB – A+

This is the best value pick in this draft for the Ravens. Justice Hill has blazing speed, with the ability to make defenders miss one-on-one and can turn small gains into home run plays. He shows great vision and patience as well. I had a 2nd round grade on him given his speed and playmaking ability. The Ravens completed the track team trifecta and now have the fastest quarterback in the league (Lamar Jackson), the fastest receiver in the league (Hollywood Brown), and the fastest running back in the league in Justice Hill.

#123 – Ben Powers, G – D

This is a reach here and if we wanted to go offensive line, they should’ve gone with Ross Pierschbacher at center or Malcolm Pridgeon at guard. Both are much better than Powers. Despite his last name, Powers is not powerful at all and really struggles to match up pound for pound (combine results backed this up, as he had one of the worst bench press results). He’s also slow and has poor lateral mobility. His balance isn’t great and he tends to lean and lunge and get beat at the point of attack on a consistent basis.

#127 – Iman Marshall, CB – D

Another reach here for an average talent. He’s slow and just not impressive. Go with Michael Jackson here if you wanted a good cornerback.

5th Round:

#160 – Daylon Mack – A

Defensive tackle isn’t exactly a big need for the Ravens, but Mack is a very talented player with tremendous upside. He has Impressive burst for a big dude. Shows great pad level and sheds blocks well. He also is a smart player with good instincts. I had a 3rd round grade on him and the 5th round is a steal.

6th Round:

#197 – Trace McSorely – C

The pick makes sense. He’s a fast quarterback who fits the Ravens offensive scheme behind Lamar and RG3. His accuracy and arm strength are subpar, but he could very well be the backup QB if Lamar or RG3 get hurt in camp/preseason. He could even replace RG3 as the backup on the final roster since he’s younger or he could be the 3rd stringer if we decide to keep 3 QBs. I do think there was other talent on the board here that would have made for a better selection on upside.

Overall Grade: B-

The Ravens got playmakers at WR and RB and got some really outstanding potential from pass rusher Jaylen Ferguson and defensive tackle Daylon Mack. Miles Boykin also has some upside to fill the X receiver role, although I really think we’ll look back and regret not taking Hakeem Butler instead. As for the other picks, I wasn’t a huge fan, but overall I think we addressed a lot of needs and got some much needed speedy talent with home run ability.